Well, the beautiful thing is that there need be no consensus on what drives America's parralel tracks of justice. In fact, pull back and all the motives converge.

Then land on US.

But grossly, obsecenly, and with unambiguous consistency, they seem particuarly drawn to non-White skin.

And it matters naught to the man shot whether he was killed from avarice or accident.

The WHY is for the decision maker and his/her therapist. I will not bog down there with the fool. I need only say "look what you have done? For that, you must - and you will - pay for this ill-wind. ANd let that be a lesson to everyone: cross this line and we are waiting."



Catherine Pugh, Esq.

Private Counsel. Former DOJ-CRT, Special Litigation Section, Public Defender; Adjunct Professor (law & undergrad). Developed Race & Law course.