Damn. That shit was deep. I felt that.

QUICK FYI. For context all of this is just me data mining. What that means is that I am not landing on the issue your response. Just looking for information. Testing a theory, if you will. So take my question(s) with that in mind, yes?

QUESTION(S). Ok, let me ask you this: what does giving up your ice cream mean? Something intangible, like status? Or something tangible, like position?

If both, which is the greater loss?

Either way is ice cream=something intangible, like status, what does awarding it TODAY look like? Maintaining it? I mean, you can’t Make others deferential and you largely cannot exclude people by race. So describe a day in the life of status ice cream where someone has it, or lost it and is re-awarded it, if you are so inclined.

Thank you again!

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